Godfrey Meat Market

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We go to the Meat Market every Friday to get the amazing BBQ ribs and bottled ski, which is hard to find around here. My son LOVES the ribs and compares them to any other ribs at other restaurants. Godfrey Meat Market wins everytime!

- Dana C.

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More than 60 years ago Marge and Carl Rosa decided that their small grocery store was just that….too small. They decided to build a new building just down the road from their original store. The new store would be large enough to accommodate a full meat counter with all the equipment needed for a full service grocery. This was before the day of “chain” stores.

They also built the building large enough to house the Godfrey Post Office and a small beauty shop. The Post Office eventually outgrew their space which was then rented to the local barber.

Marge and Carl ran the store until the Newhaus family purchased it in 1967. Mike Neuhaus and his wife, Cookie, carried on the same customer service that the store was known for. It was a neighborhood grocery where people visited with friends and the owners and employees called each customer by name when they entered the store. Meat was cut “to order” and each piece chosen by the customer. Being directly across the street from the elementary school meant that it was a favorite spot for the children, too. The “penny candy” behind the counter was a favorite! Each child would get a small brown bag and the opportunity to go behind the counter to personally pick out their candy. What a treat!

The Neuhauses are the parents of five children….all of whom worked at the store during their growing up years…Godfrey Food Shop was a mainstay in the community.

The name changed to Godfrey Meat Market in 1990 when Dan and Phyllis Bechtold purchased the building and the business. The name changed, but the business stayed basically the same. It wasn’t until 1998 when the Bechtolds gave the store a complete re-model that things changed inside the store. . By now the chain stores were the main competition for a small neighborhood grocery, and the store needed a niche. The old check-out counter and the brown and white 9” floor tile were removed. Hardwood floors and new oak counters were installed. The name was, once again, changed to Godfrey Meat and Gourmet Shoppe. Fresh meat remained the “bulk of the business” but interesting gourmet foods were added. The hot deli was a hit.

During the Bechtolds’ 20 year ownership, they leased the business several times…..Each new owner brought something new to the store. Business grew because customer service was always first and foremost of importance to the owners.

In 2008 the Bechtolds decided to open Food N Fermentation, a specialty wine and beer store in the adjoining space next to the store. In 2009 they moved into the meat market space and the entire operation became Food N Fermentation.

The building and the business were sold to Ian and Lori Warford in July of 2010. They have taken it to a whole new level. They went back to the old name of “Godfrey Meat Market” and continue to remember the importance of making each and every customer feel important. Ian is a chef by trade. He was in the liquor business making him an expert when it comes to advice on beer and wine. Lori’s interest in good food and wine also shows thru her success as a Director with the Pampered Chef.  Together, their passion shows through the store. They’ve upgraded and improved the décor, but have held true to the belief that giving a customer good product with good service does more for the success of a business than anything else. What began more than 60 years ago as a neighborhood grocery….neighbors helping neighbors….has been able to maintain that image through all of its owners.

Come in and say hello….you’ll find quality products with the friendly atmosphere of a small store. You won’t wait in long lines and someone with greet you with a smile. 


6017 Godfrey Road, Godfrey IL 62035